Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner (mrbroodypants) wrote in marvelously_ooc,
Kurt "Nightcrawler" Wagner

I'm back and trying to get into the swing of things and things are still looking rather.... not.

This is everybody's last chance to get invovled in stuff!

The school is being destroyed here: ANYONE can post.

A team is at Genosha here:

A team is in New York here:

Since we're all scattered and the like I'm just going to say that the school as of *now* is deemed unlivable and the entire school is moving to the abandoned Avengers building in New York.

I know it was tough with myself being gone and so many other people going on vacation or moving but please, if you want to remotely keep this thing afloat we all must do what we can. I will be sending out emails to everybody so ensure that you are still with us and want to remain with us.

Furthermore, I know all of the webpage stuff is out of date. Please click around and make sure that your characters and your data is up to date, then comment here and let me know what I need to fix.
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