Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin (taintedsn0flake) wrote in marvelously_ooc,
Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin

Hokay guys. I totally owe tags, and I WILL get to them before the weekend is out, fer shure, but. It's that time of the year, and it puts me in an awful mood, so I may be a little slow. If y'all haven't noticed already.

Also, I should probably mention, that I'm in the VERY stressful and unfortunately SLOOOOW process of moving. That's right. I'm moving all of my crap from Milwaukee to my grandparent's house an hour away, and then, sending a large portion of it to California with various family members over the past month and a half, and finally, I'll be taking whatever I can with me to California myself.

And then staying there. Not just for the summer. For good. Or at least for school.

So, that said. I'm stressed, you're stressed, we're all stressed and we could all probably use some ice cream. And a nap.

Also, I'll be in a different time zone starting May 17th, so keep that in mind when trying to contact me.

Lastly, I shall be getting a summer job. So that will also limit my posting skillz... But not too much, because... I already had a job, and it it didn't interrupt anything except for my ability to write papers. So. There you are. A very long update in my life, which I'm sure you all wanted to know.

But I feel better for telling you.


Lyddia/Illyana/Pete/Roberto? (what do we want to do with him? plot ideas???? throw 'em at me!)
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